Social Media Management For Your Adelaide Business

Three components of a social media slam-dunk

Social media networks have revolutionised the way that customers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. Eight in ten Australians now have a presence on social media, with more than a quarter of us using the medium to follow brands and businesses; and what’s more, these figures are rising rapidly. There has never been a more crucial time for businesses to implement a considered social media management strategy and begin interacting meaningfully across the full spectrum of platforms.

If you run a business in Adelaide, ignoring your social media presence is a cardinal sin, but so many of us are guilty of this very transgression. Effective social media management results in greater brand awareness, more followers, more customers, influential brand ambassadors, and user-generated content that markets a brand more authentically than any advertising campaign could. Ready Set SEO takes immense pride in empowering their clients to soar on their social platforms; we list three key facets of social media management, giving you the tools to begin shaping your social media strategy.
Content is key

Quality, customer-centric content, differentiates a business from its competitors and fosters dynamic, ongoing dialogue between seller and consumer. Anything you post should be aimed at provoking conversation and inviting contribution from your followers. Effective content is grounded in consumer awareness and responsiveness, it provides value to your social media network, it is visually impactful and user-led. Don’t just toss information at your followers, think of your audience as active co-creators of your social media presence.
Learning the interests and values of customers via surveys and analytics facilitates the creation of meaningful content. The social media experts at Ready Set SEO will analyse your follower base and develop a social media content plan that is tailored specifically to their preferences. From there, we develop a stockpile of impactful content and automate your posts, taking the hassle out of social media management.
Court friendly feedback

A recent Sensis report revealed that many social media users read up to five of a brand’s social media reviews before making a purchasing decision; this underpins the importance of customer responsiveness and actively publicising positive feedback.
Managing your social media feedback is critical; a negative review that sits unanswered can be extremely damaging to your business’ reputation. Whereas, if you visibly respond with empathy and remedy any concerns, this will enhance your credibility.
Responding with gratitude to positive feedback on your profile, shows that you value your customers and will encourage them to post more positive reviews in future. You can even go the extra mile by incentivising and rewarding feedback with small gifts or discounts.

Geek out on data

Analytics data can provide you with vital information for your social media strategy: is your content hitting the mark? Are followers engaged or disinterested? Are your social media followers converting to customers, or hitting ‘unlike’? What kind of content do your followers want to see? Bringing in an experienced team to monitor your social data, takes the guesswork out of social media management.
Monitoring social media dialogue tells you if your products and services are meeting your customers’ needs. Social media is one ongoing market research survey, giving you feedback about the customer experience in real-time. This data can help you identify shortcomings and develop new offerings for your customers. Ready Set SEO will help you access and interpret analytics data and use it to inform power-packed social media strategies that will grow your business.
Call Adelaide’s social media gurus at Ready Set SEO

Begin kicking goals with your socials today, whether you want the tools to fly solo with social media management or you’d prefer to offload the task altogether, the team at Ready Set SEO has the social media experience and passion to deliver more followers and more conversions to your business. Call us today for a friendly conversation about your business’ social media needs and you’ll never look back.